About Citizen Science literature review

Our End of Module Assessment (EMA if you want to get down with the OU assessment lingo) includes a brief literature review on our topic of interest in contemporary science communication.There is much guidance on the matter in our course materials which I will not bore you with here.

I have selected to focus on Citizen Science, so much in the news these days as the perfect means of engaging the publics and the scientists in a productive communicative exchanges. It is certainly portrayed as a powerful tool, framed as being able to kill two birds with one stone by allowing scientists to gather useful data, while at the same time communicating about their research and how it is done to the public.

My question is, broadly speaking, whether the citizens are given a voice and power in this exchange, as is encouraged by the modern science communication practice through public engagement, or are they still stuck in the passive role. Oh – and the way that the digital communication tools (mobile tech, apps, social media, web 2.0 spaces) can facilitate the citizen empowerment in their relationship with the scientists and science.

This will morph no doubt and could possibly end up as something entirely different.

You can follow the progress under the Project category.

Here are some relevant collections I have been making in public:


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