It is believed to be necessary to combat the limitations of what Germans call fachidiots (‘subject fools’), those who know a great deal about their own discipline but nothing much about anything else, and who can distort decision-making with their narrow analyses.
(Sillitoe, 2004, p. 6)

Germans as always brilliant at coming up with descriptive nouns: ) In relation to increased trend in science policy to promote interdisciplinary work in science to be able to tackle the complexity of ‘wicked problems’ such as climate change in the face of increased disciplinary fragmentation and specialization.

Sillitoe, P. (2004). Interdisciplinary experiences: working with indigenous knowledge in development. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 29(1), pp. 6–23.

Cited in

Thomas, J., Day, G., 2011. Block 2: Scientists communicating. In: SH804 Communicating Science in the Informaion Age. Open University, Milton Keynes.


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